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Autosteer for

grain marketing

AutoHedge is an easy-to-use app

that prices your bushels for you.


1. Easily enroll bushels through the AutoHedge app

AutoHedge works by pricing an equal portion of your enrolled bushels on each trading day during your pricing window.

2. Take more control with AutoHedge Boost and Roll

Optionally lock in profit any time by accelerating pricing with AutoHedge Boost, or use Roll to capture additional market carry.

3. Deliver your grain and get paid

Set local basis and delivery location right in the AutoHedge app, deliver your grain, and get paid.


Built for every row crop farm

Every farm operates differently. AutoHedge was built to work with your existing marketing strategy, regardless of how you do it.


June, May, and July are always good sell months, but you need to be on top of it to take advantage of those prices. That’s why I’m spreading out my risk with AutoHedge and putting a portion of my marketing on autosteer.



See what you could make with AutoHedge​

AutoHedge automatically prices your grain between April 15 and July 3, 2019.

1 Year
5 Years
20 Years
1 Year
5 Years
20 Years
combined corn mobile.png
20 year corn_april-pricing.png
1 year corn_april-pricing.png
5 year corn_april-pricing.png
1 year soybeans_april-pricing.png
5 year soybeans_april-pricing.png
20 year soybeans_april-pricing.png
combined soybeans mobile.png

Take control with AutoHedge
Boost and Roll

AutoHedge Boost gives you hands on control with the push of a button. Sell more of your unpriced bushels on any given day up to three times per contract for no added cost.

You can also choose to roll your contact for a $0.02 fee, right in the AutoHedge app. 


For questions about how to use the AutoHedge app, head over to our support page.

Backed by real people who want
you to succeed

Even though AutoHedge gives you a hands-off way to market, we'll be with you every step of the way!


If you need help or have questions, give us a call at (734) 431-6788 or visit the support page.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

We're currently working to expand the AutoHedge offerings for 2019.  If you have suggestions about products you'd like to see us offer or feedback about AutoHedge, fill out the form to let us know!

AutoHedge Partners

We’ve partnered with CGB, Scoular, and other well-established, financially sound companies within the grain industry to purchase your crops and ensure that you’ll get paid.

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